Correvate Limited
Developers of the Vercator software toolkit




About Correvate

Correvate was formed to commercialise a technology that enables the automatic alignment and subsequent analysis of 3D point cloud datasets. The technology was initially created in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London and then, on 1st January 2018, exclusively licensed to Correvate. It has since been enhanced by both Correvate and UCL.

The technology can be applied to 3D point cloud datasets created using any scanning technology of any wavelength.

Correvate’s first market sector is in ‘BIM’ – Building Information Modelling – where professionals such as surveyors, architects and construction engineers create a ‘digital twin’ of the target project, yielding improvements in productivity well-recognised both by the professionals themselves and by the grant-giving teams in the UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.



Roger Maran


As our Executive Chairman, Roger guides our strategic development and brings his long experience to bear in supporting every member of our team.

After qualifying as a barrister, Roger spent his early years as an in-house legal adviser to industrial and technical multinationals.  Later, on behalf of one such multinational, he promoted M&A and joint ventures first in London and then in New York. 

On his return to the UK, Roger joined the Generics Group in Cambridge, there forming a team commercially to develop patentable inventions mostly emerging from the team within Scientific Generics. He subsequently established an independent consultancy, undertaking a variety of assignments for technical companies, universities, government organisations and others, typically in areas relating to the management and exploitation of intellectual property in the field of the physical sciences. He guided several projects to their independence and, in several cases, continues to have both an equity and a wider interest in their development. His first association with UCL was established during this period in a project emerging from its Department of Physics and Astronomy. Later, as a Commercialisation Fellow working within UCL Business, he identified the technical advance conceived by Dr Selviah as having the potential for a spin-out business, thus leading to the creation of Correvate Limited.


Dr David Selviah

DIRECTOR and Chief Scientific Officer

David is both a Director of Correvate and a UCL academic at the Reader level. In Correvate he provides leadership and supervision of the technical programme and team. His novel research results are directly embedded into the Vercator software.

For the last 30 years he has been at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London (UCL) where apart from his research on artificial intelligence and creative algorithm development he has specialised in the laser and optical field including LIDAR scanning. He has over 200 publications in his academic career to date. Away from UCL he represents the UK as an expert at the British Standards Institute setting international standards in the International Electrotechnical Commission committees for the rotation and translational alignment of lasers to optical fibres and carries out consultancy in these specialist areas. He has been a partner and leader in forming many project consortia of universities and companies including many Innovate UK and EU projects.

Prior to UCL, David carried out research into pattern recognition for use in secure radio communications and radar at Plessey Research (Caswell) Limited. He then carried on this research topic in the Department of Engineering Science for his studies at Christchurch, Oxford University. While there he transferred his design software to a spin out company and trained the company staff in its use.

David attained his PhD in Optical Engineering at Cambridge University.


Martin Richards


Martin qualified as a solicitor and spent his career at Clifford Chance where he was a partner for 30 years specialising in company law.

He was a founder trustee of International Lawyers Project (2005-2011); a trustee of Thames Community Foundation (2005-2011); and has been a trustee (and is vice chair) of The London Community Foundation since 2011.

On retirement in 2003, he took an idea for an invention to University College London which agreed to develop it under the leadership of Dr. David Selviah. Correvate’s technology developed partly from that work and from other substantive work undertaken at UCL by David Selviah and PhDs who are now part of the Correvate team.


Dr Steven Schooling

UCLB Director & Representative

Dr Steven Schooling is Director, Engineering & Physical Sciences at UCL Business PLC, with responsibility for IP commercialisation activities across non-biomedical faculties at UCL. Steven brings over 25 years of early stage technology commercialisation experience to the board of Correvate Ltd. Further details can be found on LinkedIn.

Steven brings extensive experience of licensing and spinout company creation across areas ranging from ICT and petrochemicals through to medical devices and imaging. He is an engineer by training with a PhD in Process Control Engineering from Manchester Metropolitan University, which is complemented by industrial experience in the newspaper and process control industries and an Executive MBA from Manchester Business School. Steven is currently the Director of six UCL spinout companies and represents UCL’s interests in an IT-focused seed stage investment fund.

Charles Thomson


Charles is the Product Manager for Correvate's Vercator software and interacts directly with clients for software trials and with subsequent customers. He is also involved in programming and assessment of the technology in Vercator linking it to market needs.

Before his PhD Charles worked as a surveyor and was involved in projects for clients including London Underground, Network Rail and Crossrail. Charles achieved his doctorate in UCL's Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering Department in 2016. His PhD researched the process of capturing laser scan data and converting it into a parametric model for BIM. As part of this he implemented new capture technology, developed point cloud processing software for geometry processing and sat on both an industry working group for survey and participated in the research group scoping the future direction of BIM level 3. Charles also taught both undergraduate and postgraduates, supervised MSc projects and presented at international conferences. Along with academic publications some of his work has appeared in Wired Magazine.

Since finishing his PhD Charles has carried out research at UCL, most recently on the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Project “Demonstrating improved 3D imaging in the Building Information Modelling, BIM, sector”, in the research group of Dr Selviah. The project focused on the development and assessment of automatic registration methods collaborating with two companies in the construction and asset management sectors.


Eero Willman


Eero is a software developer and engineer with many years' experience in coding and creative algorithm development. He is the Lead Developer for Correvate's Vercator toolkit, handling the creation, programming and technological implementation of new ideas into the software.

Prior to working for Correvate, Eero was a Software Engineer at Ocado Technology. In 2009 he completed his doctorate which involved the computer modelling of liquid crystal devices. For this he wrote finite element analysis software for 3D simulations of the orientation and flow of nematic liquid crystal materials, and used this program to model the operation of various LC devices.

Eero has worked on a number of research projects, including those financed by European FP7 and Innovate UK. His post doctoral research at UCL included writing image processing software for stitching together large high resolution panoramic images from many smaller images captured using a microscope on a travelling stage.



Hadi Baghsiahi

Quality Assurance Manager

Hadi is the Quality Assurance Manager for Correvate and lead the testing of the Correvate products before they are released to market. He provides a link between product management and the developers through running stand-ups and technical sprint meetings.

Before Correvate, Hadi was a post-doctoral researcher with UCL’s Physics and Astronomy Department and its Electronic and Electrical Engineering Departement where he worked closely with Dr. David Selviah. While in EEE he was awarded a PhD for his research on the topic of “Multimode optical waveguides and lightguides for backplane interconnection and laser illuminated display systems”. He was also involved in the early research work that led to the technology now promoted by Correvate.

He has 40 academic publications and during his time at UCL has taught both undergraduate and postgraduates, supervised MSc projects and presented at international conferences.